Church Road 120 Years


2018 marked Church Road Winery’s 120th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a limited edition bottle wrap, showcasing their unique history.

When you’ve experienced 120 birthdays, there are undoubtedly many stories to tell. Tom McDonald, widely revered as the father of French winemaking in New Zealand is the central character in our story. It was Tom’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit that transported the winery, established in 1897 into the modern era, bringing Church Road to today to celebrate 120 years of heritage.

We took this opportunity to use the bottle wrap to tell the many unique stories that have happened in Tom’s life at Church Road.

5 images were selected that captured fleeting moments from the past. They tell a part of the story across 5 varietals in the McDonald Series of wines, a series that is a salute to the legacy of Tom McDonald.