2022 Transform Awards
Best Visual Identity from the Food & Beverage Sector
Gold Winner

“Very solid project all round. The strategy, execution and results are very strong overall. It’s hitting all the right marks while achieving great results in a short time span.”

— 2022 Transform Awards judging comments


Kāpiti has been making incredible dairy products here in Aotearoa since 1984. Unmistakably New Zealand, the names, stories and creativity behind the products all reflect their unique providence. Up until now, Kāpiti has been known for their premium range of cheese and ice cream. Our client saw an opportunity to launch in a new category – yoghurt, offering a delicious, luxury treat for those indulgent moments.

Building on the Kāpiti brand promise of ‘Mouthwatering taste discoveries’, we wanted to capture the essence of Kāpiti – captivating and exciting tastes, textures and flavour adventures.

Using black for the pack was a no-brainer, it’s the Kāpiti brand colour and speaks to the premium nature of the brand and product. However black can be recessive on shelf, particularly in the chiller space of the supermarket. We need our packs to ‘pop’, to clearly distinguish between flavour variants and bring that flavour to life – eat with your eyes!

We photographed the towers of flavour, making them the hero of the pack. They’re juicy, gooey, leaving you wanting more. They’re not picture perfect, they’re real, messy and show the passion for the flavour adventure.

Project Output

Visual identity, packaging, communications.