Bird & Barrow

2022 Transform Awards
Best Brand Evolution (Consumer)
Gold Winner

“The brand changes hit the mark with consumers at the point of sale and the depth of the brand creates a relationship between producers and buyers for future purchases.”
— 2022 Transform Awards judging comments


Previously known as George and Jo’s, consumer research told us there is a mistrust with the brand, as ‘George’ and ‘Jo’, and their illustrative representations on pack were fictional characters, created to represent the collective of farmers that raised the chickens. However consumers were suspicious that if they were made up, then why should they trust the claims of being 100% antibiotic free and free range?

So we developed a brand platform and new name for the brand ‘Bird & Barrow Free Range, 100% Antibiotic Free Chicken’, to communicate what makes this chicken special, and at the heart of everything was their hardworking farmers, their respect for the environment and genuine care that produces chicken you and you family can trust.

Like you, we care about the food we eat. We like to know where it comes from and how it’s been treated from farm to fork. Bird & Barrow farmers’ commitment to a higher level of care, is how they bring you truly good Free Range Plus 100% Antibiotic Free chicken.

In a sea of green on the supermarket shelf, the distinctive blue packaging, with charming illustrations bring to life the story of the high standards of care, control, protection and freedom which enables these chickens to be antibiotic free. Right down to the radio that is played to keep them entertained!


Brand strategy, naming, packaging, website, communications, livery.