Montana NZ Collection


Pernod Ricard identified a commercial need to launch a new product into the Montana wine offering at the super premium price tier.

Our brief was to capture quintessential Kiwi brand Montana’s brand essence ‘Genuinely sharing wine since 1934’.

As New Zealand has such a rich history, capturing this in just one design was proving to be a challenge, so we created 20 individual illustrations of our unique Kiwi heritage – nostalgia but in a modern way, with an eccentric twist to make up ‘The New Zealand Collection’.

The illustrations represented easy to recognise Kiwiana icons, with each varietal having their own charming, tongue in cheek flavour cues to connect the consumers to their favourite wine – a farmer leaning on a lime for the Crisp and Zingy Sauvignon Blanc, a shot putter throwing a giant cherry for the Pinot Noir.

It’s an iconic range that showcases the unique, inventive and most cherished parts of our culture – what makes us, us!


Naming, brand positioning, packaging, illustration.