Service Foods


Service Foods had a very simple brief. ‘We want people to become more emotionally engaged with our brand and to understand how flexible and innovative our company truly is’. The kernel of everything we delivered lies in a simple thought: ‘Behind Every Great Chef’. This four word line encapsulates everything that Service Foods has been about to date and will be about in the future.

To truly get ‘behind every great chef’, you need to be supplying them the best – provenance, diversity and exceptional quality at pace. We did this through story telling. We told the stories of the people in the business, the fishermen, the farmers, the beekeepers and the cheese makers. We showed them in their work, captured their care and craft on camera and introduced Service Foods as the catalyst that brings them all together so restaurants across the country can serve the quality and diversity that has made our country one of the most famous in the world.


Corporate profile, video, website.