Anchor Milk Portfolio


The Anchor enriched range portfolio, consisting of Calci+, Protein+, Silver Top, Organic, Plant Based bottle and Zero Lacto had low consumer awareness and was difficult to navigate as all the products had their own look, with no consistent style or system linking them together. In addition, there was no clear hierarchy or messaging for the nutritional benefits of the product – strengthening your bones, kinder on your tummy, more protein to keep you fuller for longer etc.

These were then categorised in to 3 groups, the core range, the wellness range and the premium range. Each range had their own system to separate the offers and help consumers navigate their way through the various types of milk. The packs also had to communicate they were a more premium offer than standard milk and deliver on taste.

We developed unique imagery for each range to help communicate the benefits and a clear and consistent hierarchy across the full range.


Product packaging, range architecture, message hierarchy.