Anchor Nutritional


The task was to develop a messaging platform for Anchor across the Pacific. The platform would form the basis of all communication over the next three years. It needed to communicate the benefits of Anchor’s everyday goodness, through to more complex nutritional messages. The challenge was creating a campaign and messaging that would work across diverse markets, from the sophistication of a French food market in New Caledonia to rural areas in Papua New Guinea, with varying degrees of dairy knowledge.

In depth research was conducted across the markets, and the most single compelling messaging that would work across the markets was DAIRY PRODUCTS HELP KIDS GROW STRONG. We also discovered that aspirational nutrition is powerful – stronger, fitter & healthy. This became our creative platform to build on.

Although milk is the core of our offer in the Pacific. Anchor is more than milk. Yet everything we create comes from the simple goodness of this pure source. Anchor is… made from the goodness of milk. Emotive imagery, simple illustrations and statements were developed to bring this to life across many touchpoints.


Outdoor and instore advertising, POS, school initiatives, gift with purchase, mobile events, video.