Fresh’n Fruity Indulge & Greek

Fresh’n Fruity Greek and Indulge Yoghurts

Fresh’n Fruity is a brand Kiwis know and love, it’s a staple in most fridges and kid’s lunch boxes. However, the mainstream yoghurt category is in decline as more enticing offerings are being launched. Fonterra identified an opportunity to develop two new ranges. The Greek range targeted at consumers that wanted a more creamy Greek style yoghurt.

We developed the packaging, taking the iconic Fresh’n Fruity logo and placing it on a vibrant blue background that has outstanding shelf presence and most importantly, looks delicious!

Fresh’n Fruity Indulge was another opportunity for Fonterra to tap into the growing premium/indulgent segment, with mainstream yoghurt being in decline.

The key objective here was to communicate on pack a delicious, thick and creamy premium yoghurt that still looks part of the Fresh’n Fruity family. A big part of this range was to show off the layer of fruit within the yoghurt while still maintaining great stand-out.

Project Output

Brand identity, packaging, advertising.