Junior Tri-Nations Indoor Netball 2024

Junior Tri-Nations Indoor Netball 2024

The Junior Tri-Nations Indoor Netball is an event that boasts 19 top teams from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. These players are the next generation of players coming through and play in different categories – under 12, under 14, under 16, and sometimes under 18. The brand identity we have created for the 2024 competition, run by the World Indoor Netball Association (WINA), is to be held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Taking inspiration from a netball, hoop and the iconic New Zealand fern, we amalgamate these core elements to create a 3-dimensional symbol to personify the sport and the host nation. This vibrant and dynamic design reflects the competitive nature of the Tri-Nations tournament, which sees the teams go head-to-head. By integrating these elements, the logo pays homage to New Zealand’s sporting heritage in a fresh way while emphasising the international aspect of the competition, creating a cohesive visual identity.


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