Mansons Culley’s Gift Box


Mansons Construction is a leading company specialising in high-quality commercial, residential, and industrial building projects with a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. They collaborated with Culley’s, a renowned name in the hot sauce industry, to create a unique and memorable Christmas gift. Culley’s crafted an exclusive range of four distinct medium to hot sauces.

We were tasked with what to call them and to create a holding tray for them so they would be proudly displayed within the recipients homes. We came up with names inspired by building terms: Roof Shout, Leveller, Foreman, and Blowtorch. These playful and thematic names added a creative twist to the gift, resonating with Mansons industry roots. The sauces were elegantly presented in a bespoke steel carry tray, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.


Packaging, carry tray, box and recipe card.