Moana Park Estate had ambitions to become a world recognised producer of ultra premium wines, grown in the iconic New Zealand wine growing region of the Hawke’s Bay. However their packaging did not communicate neither the quality of the wine nor this ambition. It lacked clarity and direction.

Building on the name ‘Moana’ and of the land, we created packs for the three tiers that sat within the range, giving each its own unique identity and story:

Moana Classic Range
Thrust skywards by the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, the rich alluvial soils of Moana Park Estate were once the bed of a flowing river. For us, this perfectly symbolises the abundant power of New Zealand, where we grow and gather goodness from the land and from the sea.

Reserve Range
Hawke’s Bay sits where the power of the land meets the seductive pull of the sea. Moana Park Estate was formed by that elemental tension, rising from a riverbed after the great earthquake of 1931. So was our climate, perfect for producing complex yet elegant wines. The label takes the view of the topography looking back towards the land from the sea.

Single Vineyard Range
Hinemoana, the mother of the oceans and the guardian of the seas, protecting those that traverse the oceans, and the inspiration for our finest wine from Moana Estate Winery.

The strategic repositioning of Moana Park Estate’s wine ranges has not only clarified the brand’s identity but has also enriched it with storytelling depth. Each range now conveys a distinct narrative that resonates with consumers. This has reinvigorated the brand, creating a clear, compelling presence in the market.


Strategy, brand identity, packaging.