Waste-Not Kitchen


Every year, Kiwis send over 123,000 tonnes of food to landfill that could have been eaten. Waste-Not Kitchen has been set up to repurpose good meat waste from Farro Fresh that would have been sent to landfill, in to nutritious soups, providing meals for those in need by using a ‘buy one, give one’ approach. By buying one Waste-Not Kitchen soup, they donate one to families in need in our local community. Their overall mission is to achieve zero meat wastage in New Zealand, by re-purposing surplus meat to nourish the lives of those in need.

We worked with Waste-Not Kitchen to develop their brand and packaging, and created these charming little character illustrations for their flavours. In just 2 weeks, Waste-Not Kitchen had already gifted over 200 soups to those in need, and saved good meat going to landfill.

Good for you. Good for the community. Good for the planet.


Brand identity, logo design, packaging, illustration.