Anchor Milk Portfolio


The Anchor enriched range portfolio, consisting of Calci+, Protein+, Silver Top, Organic, Plant Based bottle and Zero Lacto had low consumer awareness and was difficult to navigate as all the products had their own look, with no consistent style or system linking them together. In addition, there was no clear hierarchy or messaging for the nutritional benefits of the product – strengthening your bones, kinder on your tummy, more protein to keep you fuller for longer etc.

These were then categorised in to 3 groups, the core range, the wellness range and the premium range. Each range had their own system to separate the offers and help consumers navigate their way through the various types of milk. The packs also had to communicate they were a more premium offer than standard milk and deliver on taste.

We developed unique imagery for each range to help communicate the benefits and a clear and consistent hierarchy across the full range.


Product packaging, range architecture, message hierarchy.


Henkell Freixenet

Henkell Freixenet

We recently designed this beautiful premium gift box for Henkell Vintage Sparkling Wine. Taking inspiration from the fresco paintings found in the Henkell wine cellars, we used a painting to capture romance and celebration, the perfect occasion for a glass of Henkell Vintage.


Gift box.

Fresh’n Fruity Indulge & Greek

Fresh’n Fruity Greek and Indulge Yoghurts

Fresh’n Fruity is a brand Kiwis know and love, it’s a staple in most fridges and kid’s lunch boxes. However, the mainstream yoghurt category is in decline as more enticing offerings are being launched. Fonterra identified an opportunity to develop two new ranges. The Greek range targeted at consumers that wanted a more creamy Greek style yoghurt.

We developed the packaging, taking the iconic Fresh’n Fruity logo and placing it on a vibrant blue background that has outstanding shelf presence and most importantly, looks delicious!

Fresh’n Fruity Indulge was another opportunity for Fonterra to tap into the growing premium/indulgent segment, with mainstream yoghurt being in decline.

The key objective here was to communicate on pack a delicious, thick and creamy premium yoghurt that still looks part of the Fresh’n Fruity family. A big part of this range was to show off the layer of fruit within the yoghurt while still maintaining great stand-out.

Project Output

Brand identity, packaging, advertising.

M by Montana

M by Montana

Introducing a new, premium range to the iconic Montana family of wines, M by Montana. This is their pinnacle wine range, steeped in heritage yet crafted for the modern palate, these confident wines bring to life a bolder, more premium expression of New Zealand terroir.  Montana is a brand known and loved by Kiwis for over 40 years, so building on that heritage we started with the original Montana crest ‘In vino felicitas et caritas’ (in happiness and love of wine), and gave it a twist, by designing a label with a strong, modern yet regal blue set against a classic premium black background.

Project Output

Brand identity, packaging.

Anchor Branding


ANCHOR is a Kiwi Classic. It’s been a welcome part of our country’s homes, fridges, pantries and tables since it was first produced in the Waikato with a little good old dairy know-how and ingenuity back in 1886.

However over the past few years, the brand has lost clarity due to disparate communication and most recently a focus on nutrition and performance that lacked warmth, humanity and accessibility. Consumers associate Anchor with trust, familiarity, but the brand wasn’t standing for anything exceptional and was losing power in the mind.

Our brief was to develop a Masterbrand design system to help re-connect with New Zealanders on a deeper emotional with a clear, ownable and emotional story to tell that has a cohesive way of connecting all the Anchor supporting stories together.

Based on the brand platform ‘the natural home of dairy, we developed an instantly recognisable ‘milkflow’ device to house the logo and tagline, to be used across all communications.

No matter what the imagery or messaging was, there would be no doubt in the consumers mind we are telling the Anchor story and how important it is in the home life of Kiwis, and feel natural, kind, vital and inclusive.

We have now implemented the system across the full vehicle fleet, outdoor and press advertising and social media, nationwide and through the Pacific markets.


Master brand system, brand guidelines.

Good Feeding


Good Feeding believe establishing healthy preferences at the very beginning develops positive lifelong eating practices and fights the good fight against childhood obesity. From healthy beginnings comes healthier lives, it’s the start we all deserve.

Their feeding programme, Go Well, helps take baby from first flavours through to adventurous eating in six simple steps.  Designed to expose infants to different tastes and textures, Go Well helps deliver what’s best for baby and provides peace of mind for parents – all delivered to your door.

After developing the strategic brand platform and naming, we designed a flexible system, one that was friendly, approachable and simple, not cutesy, cheesy or naïve, as is often seen across the baby food category. Our logo represents fresh new starts through a sprout shape, a spoon that feeds and nurtures and a continuum of care and regeneration. Our photography captures the goodness of the programme, from farm to plate, without the fuss.

Good Feeding has now launched a pilot scheme in the USA, with plans to expand globally across the UK, Australia and New Zealand markets.


Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, packaging, communications.


2022 Transform Awards
Best Visual Identity from the Food & Beverage Sector
Gold Winner

“Very solid project all round. The strategy, execution and results are very strong overall. It’s hitting all the right marks while achieving great results in a short time span.”

— 2022 Transform Awards judging comments


Kāpiti has been making incredible dairy products here in Aotearoa since 1984. Unmistakably New Zealand, the names, stories and creativity behind the products all reflect their unique providence. Up until now, Kāpiti has been known for their premium range of cheese and ice cream. Our client saw an opportunity to launch in a new category – yoghurt, offering a delicious, luxury treat for those indulgent moments.

Building on the Kāpiti brand promise of ‘Mouthwatering taste discoveries’, we wanted to capture the essence of Kāpiti – captivating and exciting tastes, textures and flavour adventures.

Using black for the pack was a no-brainer, it’s the Kāpiti brand colour and speaks to the premium nature of the brand and product. However black can be recessive on shelf, particularly in the chiller space of the supermarket. We need our packs to ‘pop’, to clearly distinguish between flavour variants and bring that flavour to life – eat with your eyes!

We photographed the towers of flavour, making them the hero of the pack. They’re juicy, gooey, leaving you wanting more. They’re not picture perfect, they’re real, messy and show the passion for the flavour adventure.

Project Output

Visual identity, packaging, communications.




GoalsGetter is a smart online investment platform that gives everyday investors the ability to invest in NikkoAM managed and Kiwisaver funds. The platform makes it easy for anyone to set up – you can start with as little as $250 – and track your investments online. Set your goal – whether it be that dream holiday, a house, or retirement – you can personalise your goals and the smart fund managers behind GoalsGetter manage your money.

We developed the strategic brand platform and visual identity for GoalsGetter, and worked with the team at Engaging Partners to bring it to life in the digital world.

A suite of illustrations was created to tell the story in a dynamic and engaging way, with our action based ‘GO’ logo all about doing, positivity and empowering our investors, helping them reach those goals.


Brand identity, visual identity, illustration.